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US diplomat’s wife charged with causing death of Harry Dunn

The wife of a US diplomat has been charged with causing the death of British teenager Harry Dunn by ..


Duke of Edinburgh taken to hospital as ‘precautionary measure’

The Duke of Edinburgh has been taken to hospital for treatment for a pre-existing condition, Bucking..


Banksy ‘nativity scene’ appears in Bethlehem hotel

A manger scene by British artist Banksy has appeared at a hotel in Bethlehem in the West Bank. Dub..


ICC wants to open ‘war crimes’ investigation in West Bank and Gaza

The International Criminal Court's chief prosecutor says she wants to open an investigation int..


Subpostmasters who sued Post Office ‘vindicated’ after court ruling

Hundreds of former Post Office workers who claimed a faulty IT system led to some going bankrupt and..


Harry Dunn’s family to meet Home Secretary as extradition process begins

The family of Harry Dunn are to meet Home Secretary Priti Patel as her office considers extraditing ..


Australia fires: ‘Not much left’ of town ravaged by bushfire

The leader of New South Wales, Gladys Berejiklian, says "catastrophic" fire conditions have almost c..


Racist incidents in football ‘on the rise’

Footballers are facing a spike in racist abuse on and off the pitch, according to campaign group Kic..


Jamal Khashoggi: Saudis sentence five to death for journalist’s murder

A court in Saudi Arabia has sentenced five people to death and jailed three others over the murder o..


Republicans ‘open to hearing Senate impeachment witnesses’

Republican Senator Mitch McConnell says he has not ruled out allowing witnesses to testify in the Se..