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Kaspersky: We uploaded US documents but quickly deleted them

Sometime in 2014, a group of analysts walked into the office of Eugene Kaspersky, the ebullient foun..


Steve Jobs’ sweet ride is part of high-end car auction

A sleek sports car once owned by Steve Jobs could sell for over $300,000 at a December auction — pra..


BBC wrong to not challenge climate sceptic Lord Lawson

The BBC should have challenged the views of climate sceptic Lord Lawson in an interview in August, t..


How science transformed the world in 100 years

In an essay for the BBC, Nobel Prize-winner and Royal Society President Sir Venki Ramakrishnan conte..


Paul Weitz: Skylab and shuttle astronaut dies aged 85

US astronaut Paul Weitz, who helped save a Nasa space station after it was damaged during launch, ha..


Astrolabe: Shipwreck find ‘earliest navigation tool’

An artefact excavated from a shipwreck off the coast of Oman has been found to be the oldest known e..


Paris accord: US and Syria alone as Nicaragua signs

Nicaragua has signed the Paris climate agreement, meaning that the US and Syria are the only two cou..


Sir David Attenborough: ‘The wonder and beauty’

[unable to retrieve full-text content] The great naturalist tells our science editor David Shukman ..


More acidic oceans ‘will affect all sea life’

All sea life will be affected because carbon dioxide emissions from modern society are making the oc..


The place spacecraft go to die

China's Tiangong-1 space station is currently out of control and expected to fall back to Earth..