Interesting Chinese New Year Facts

If you have ever wondered why fireworks are used on Chinese New Year, you’ll be interested to know that 90% of the world’s fireworks are made in China! Chinese mainlanders believe that the noise of fireworks scares away evil spirits, demons, and ghosts. Fireworks are also used to celebrate the new year in other countries.

Dumplings are a traditional Chinese New Year gift

When giving a Chinese New Year gift, dumplings are a popular choice. These small treats are traditionally shaped like Chinese silver ingots. In fact, many Chinese people believe that eating dumplings on New Year’s Eve will bring them wealth. These small gifts are often given to children as gifts, but they are also given to adults for their own sake.

Chinese dumplings come in many shapes, sizes, and fillings. The most popular fillings are minced meat and vegetables, wrapped in thin, elastic dough skins. They can be boiled, steamed, or fried, depending on the filling. Almost any Chinese household can make dumplings. The process involves mixing dough and rolling it into wrappers. Dumplings are then filled with filling and cooked.

Fireworks scare away evil spirits

During Chinese New Year, Chinese people light up firecrackers to ward off the evil spirits. In ancient times, bamboo stalks were filled with gunpowder, which exploded. These “firecrackers” were then placed on fused strings and wrapped in red paper. Today, firecrackers are lit up in the sky by people celebrating the New Year in a celebratory mood. The loud popping and deafening explosions that accompany these displays are known as “fireworks.”

As the fifteenth day of Chinese New Year approaches, Chinese people set off fireworks to scare away the evil spirits. The aim of this is to ward off the Nian monster, a mythical creature that would eat people on Chinese New Year’s Eve. Traditionally, fireworks are a symbol of good luck for the New Year and are considered a traditional part of the Chinese New Year celebrations.

Tangerines are a good luck fruit

According to Chinese myths, tangerines are a good luck fruit in the Chinese New Year. They are a type of mandarin orange, which is commonly eaten for breakfast. They are said to bring luck as they have the same sound as gold and are associated with prosperity. They are a great choice for giving as a gift during this time of the year. In China, tangerines are a lucky fruit that can bring happiness, abundance, and fertility.

Oranges are another good luck fruit in Chinese New Year. These bright orange fruits have a sweet flavor and are often referred to as baby oranges. They are lighter and flatter than oranges, and their shape is similar to an orange. They are also more reddish in color than yellow oranges. Tangerines have a sweet, almost caramel-like taste with a very slight aftertaste. Many tangerines are served with their leaves and stems attached, which is considered a lucky gesture and a symbol of fertility.

Uncut noodles are a popular Chinese New Year gift

One of the most common gifts during the Chinese New Year celebration is a box of long, uncut noodles. They’re longer than ordinary noodles and are served in a broth. The Chinese also associate eating catfish with abundance, and the catfish is accompanied by a popular saying. Another traditional Chinese New Year gift is a whole chicken, which symbolizes the family and is traditionally offered to ancestors. Each type of vegetable is associated with a specific meaning and is considered lucky during the New Year.

Traditionally, during the Chinese New Year, people will eat big meals to celebrate the beginning of the year. Typical Chinese New Year foods include fish, dumplings, and rice balls. All of these foods represent the wishes of the recipient, and are traditionally given as gifts during the festive season. These foods are served to signify prosperity and wealth and are traditionally served with red, yellow, or green dishes.

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