Covid disaster looms as young ‘failing to come forward’ for vaccine – ‘Not interested’

express– All the UK approved vaccines dramatically decrease the chances of someone dying, or being hospitalised, with Covid-19. However there are concerns younger adults, who may be less at risk from the virus, are failing to get vaccinated.

Experts warn most adults, of all ages, need to get vaccinated if Britain is to achieve herd immunity.

This would prevent another surge in coronavirus infections, especially when England’s remaining restrictions end on July 19.


According to the Health Service Journal (HSJ), vaccine uptake amongst young people was raised at a meeting of the North West London health overview committee, on Wednesday.


The publication reports Pippa Nightingale, chief nursing officer at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, said they have enough doses but are struggling to attract younger people.

She commented: “We’ve got all of our vaccination centres only really operating at about 30 percent of their capacity because that’s the people that are turning up.

“So we’ve got staff there, we’ve got vaccines there, but we are really struggling.

“That’s the picture across London, it’s also a picture across the country.”

Ms Nightingale warned some young people think they “don’t need the vaccine” because, if they catch Covid they are less likely to end up in intensive care.

All adult age groups are now able to get coronavirus vaccines, with the youngest becoming eligible in June.

NHS England figures show 56.7 percent of those aged 18-24 have received their first dose, along with 64.8 percent of those aged 25-30.

There are reported to be particular difficulties persuading young people to get vaccinated in London.

Speaking to HSJ an insider said: “First doses are really off the wall low in London, huge numbers of under-40s, and especially under-30s not coming in.

“They’re just not interested and it’s not sinking in.

“Lots of supply available in London, it’s all demand based.

“When we raise that it’s a public health issue to weigh in on, we get told to just keep offering appointments.”

More than half the UK’s adult population has now received two coronavirus jabs

From July 19, in England, the remaining legal restrictions on gatherings will be removed.

On Wednesday another 49 deaths were reported, across the UK, of people who tested positive for Covid-19 over the last 28 days.

Another 42,302 coronavirus cases were reported, the highest figure since January.

New cases across the UK have now exceeded 30,000 for eight days in a row.

On Tuesday 158,276 people received their second coronavirus vaccine in the UK, with another 59,073 getting their first dose.

Speaking to an NHS spokesperson said: “Take up of the Covid-19 vaccine remains high with more than 85% of adults having their first jab, including three in five people aged 18-24 and thousands still coming forward each week.

“Local teams have been working hard to ensure it is as easy as possible for young people to get their jab offering both appointments and walk-ins at convenient locations.”

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