How MasterChef’s Gregg Wallace underwent ripped transformation after stark warning from doctor

mylondon– MasterChef host Gregg Wallace has revealed the reason behind his dramatic physical transformation and how he went about achieving the impressive results.

The 56-year-old television personality – who tonight appears on Channel 5’s Gregg Wallace’s Big Weekend Away, dropped a staggering four stone after moving away from his unhealthy diet and adopting a lifestyle of exercise and healthy eating.

The most effective way to lose weight is thought of by many as being through dieting, but Gregg actually believes that there is success to be had by not following this method.

“I don’t believe in diets, I don’t believe in doing something you can’t sustain, I don’t believe in starving yourself three times a week,” he advised.

“What I believe in is making positive steps in the right direction gradually, that way you move yourself into a healthy lifestyle. Listen to this carefully, you don’t have to be uncomfortable and hungry to lose weight.”

The dad of three turned his attention to his health and fitness because he hated seeing how he looked in old television footage.

Thanks to his new routine of exercise and healthy eating, Gregg has slimmed down to 12 stone and 13 pounds since the start of the year.

Supporting Gregg through the change has been his wife Anna, 33, and their 14-month-old baby boy Sid.

Gregg also has an adult son and daughter, Tim and Libby, from his previous marriage to second wife Denise.

These days he’s no stranger to a shirtless snap, which gives him a chance to flex his hard-earned, gym-honed body.

And his determination came from a very blunt assessment made by a doctor about his cholesterol levels.

“The doctor said you have huge cholesterol here, unless you do something you’re going to have a heart attack,” Gregg explained on Good Morning Britain.

“”I went on a weight loss and fitness site and in there I tell you how I went from the guy on the left hand side of the screen [to the one on the right].

“I’m 56 years old what do you think guys?”

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