BBC BIAS: Tory MP warns ’time to review BBC impartiality’ because ‘they have own agenda’

express– According to the report by Lord Dyson, Mr Bashir was found to have acted in a deceitful way, sparking calls from Sir John Redwood the Tory MP for Wokingham to review the broadcaster’s standards. In an attack against the BBC, Sir John accused the broadcaster of “having their own agenda” in the wake of the report’s findings. He said: “Time for a general review of BBC standards and impartiality.

“They have their own agenda which gets in the way of reflecting events and opinions in a great democracy they need to serve better.”

“They have their own agenda which gets in the way of reflecting events and opinions in a great democracy they need to serve better.”

“It must be broken up with parts placed on a subscription model and others closed down. It is not fit for purpose.”

Lord Dyson conducted a review into how the broadcaster, and in particular its former correspondent, acquired an interview with Diana on November 20, 1995.

In its findings, the report concluded Mr Bashir had breached the BBC’s impartiality rules by creating a fake bank statement to gain access to the Princess.

By using the documents to pressure Earl Spencer, Diana’s younger brother, Mr Bashir was able to obtain an interview with the Princess.

Amid the huge interest in the interview, Lord Dyson found the BBC had covered up how it secured the interview which fell short of its standards of integrity and transparency.

The following probe into the interview in 1996 conducted by former director-general Lord Tony Hall, was also found to be “woefully ineffective”.

Indeed, the inquiry was only commissioned by the BBC after Earl Spencer publicised allegations surrounding it last year.

In a Panorama programme, the Earl said: “The irony is that I met Martin Bashir on 31 August 1995, because exactly two years later she died, and I do draw a line between the two events.”

The interview in 1995 brought in an audience of 23 million as Diana opened up on parts of her life in the Royal Family.

The BBC and Mr Bashir have apologised to Princes William and Harry, their father and Earl Spencer following the inquiry’s report.

It is also returning all awards it received from the interview which includes a TV Bafta.

Mr Bashir said: “The bank statements had no bearing whatsoever on the personal choice by Princess Diana to take part in the interview.

“Evidence handed to the inquiry in her own handwriting unequivocally confirms this, and other compelling evidence presented to Lord Dyson reinforces it.”

Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden said the report has given damning details of the failure of the BBC.

He said: “We will now reflect on Lord Dyson’s thorough report and consider whether further governance reforms at the BBC are needed in the mid-term Charter review.”

Despite the claims made by Sir John and Mr Galloway, the BBC has strict editorial guidelines which it enforces for all aspects of its reporting.

The BBC has been approached for comment.


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