Reshuffle will not restore Labour hopes, Jeremy Corbyn warns Keir Starmer

independent– Keir Starmer has been warned by his predecessor that a shadow cabinet reshuffle will not be enough to restore the party’s election hopes after its drubbing at the polls last week.

The warning from Jeremy Corbyn came as the Labour leader struggled to reassert control over the party with a shake-up of his top team.

After deputy leader Angela Rayner’s dramatic removal as party chair and campaign coordinator, there were increasingly mutinous noises from the Labour left, with one former member of Mr Corbyn’s shadow cabinet saying a challenge to the leadership could not be ruled out.

Writing in The Independent, Mr Corbyn accused his successor of failing to inspire supporters to turn out to vote and urged him to “learn the lessons from this disaster” and set out a vision based on policies from the last two Labour manifestos.

“People turn out to vote when they are inspired,” said Mr Corbyn, who is currently suspended from the parliamentary Labour Party. “With millions simply not turning up to vote in these elections, even in the context of the pandemic, these results show a loss of hope. It is new ideas from across our movement – not reshuffles or cosmetic tweaks – that will bring hope back.”

Mr Corbyn said there was a consensus across Labour for a programme based on a living wage, rights at work, safe and secure housing, transport, broadband and energy, properly funded healthcare and education and “an economy that puts the planet before profit, and the needs of the many before the greed of the few”.

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