Is The Row the New Celebrity Status Label?

vogue– Yesterday was a big day for The Row. First, Jonah Hill, hirsute fit god to all, wore a head-to-toe black look. From afar, the sweater, the pants, and the shoes could have been by any label producing quality basics but instead, it was by The Row. “Modeling is emotionally complex @zoeisabellakravitz @therow,” he said in his caption. The luminous Kravtiz also reposted the Instagram with a @therow tag in between the duo. If they’re working with the brand on a secret project—as many have speculated—then she must be wearing The Row too, but I couldn’t quite tell. My The Row savant friends wrote back either “hm” or “I think so.” One noted that “haha i mean so hard.. it looks like it but could almost be anyone, but the length is giving me the row,” while also adding, “honestly looks like a skirt i have from aritzia”. One email to the brand confirmed that she was, indeed, wearing their clothes. But not being entirely sure was very on-brand.

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