Nasa interview: latest on Perseverance touch down

standard– Nasa’s Mars rover has successfully landed on the Martian surface, and Dr Swati Mohan, the mission’s lead systems engineer, commentated for the dramatic final phase – known by Mission Control as ‘entry, descent and landing’ – as the world watched touchdown live.

So how will the rover avoid getting punctures while driving over the craggy Martian landscape, and how will all those Martian rock and chemical samples collected by Perseverance make the return journey to Earth? Nasa explains.

The White House is linking a once-in-a-generation severe winter storm engulfing Texas to climate change.

The extreme weather has been blamed for 40 deaths, and the White House says at least 1 million households are suffering power outage, with millions more Texans suffering contaminated water supplies.

The future of fossil fuels is hugely controversial – and the first British coal mine for 30 years is under consideration, and, a YouTuber who goes by the username ZHC came up with a solution for those missing out on a new PS5 by building his own mega-console that’s 10ft tall and weighs a quarter of a ton.

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