EU punishment plot: Bloc to publicly humiliate Boris – ‘Like a cat playing with a mouse!’

express- The EU is plotting to publicly shame Boris Johnson in a brutal Brussels-led punishment for the UK’s decision to leave the bloc, it has been claimed. Former Brexit Party MEP Ben Habib told talkRADIO that the EU was no longer negotiating for a deal, but instead “toying with the UK”. He said that the EU will punish the UK and “force the Prime Minister into the ignominious position of having to extend the transition period”.

The ongoing Brexit trade talks have been suspended after one of the negotiators tested positive for coronavirus.

The suspension of the talks comes with just five weeks remaining before the December 31 deadline.

However, Mr Habib told talkRADIO’s Julia Hartley-Brewer that “the idea the whole thing comes to a crashing halt is a red herring”.

He explained: “If a deal was to be done, it would have already have been done.

“There is nothing that they need to negotiate right now that they wouldn’t have already negotiated to the nth degree.”

Hartley-Brewer asked: “Everyone knows where everyone stands and where the deadlock is. Is it just a matter of political will, of who blinks first?”

Mr Habib responded: “I think it’s worse than that from a British perspective. The EU has sensed it can get pretty much exactly what they want from the political declaration.

“They can get the UK signing up to a level playing field, fixed fishing quotas, even a say for the ECJ on a long-term basis in British affairs.

“I think they can sense they can get all of that because the Prime Minister hasn’t stuck to any of his self-made deadlines.

“It’s a bit like a cat playing with a mouse and the EU is waiting to put in that fatal bite.”

He questioned whether the EU plotted to humiliate Mr Johnson by forcing him to extend the talks into 2021.

Mr Habib continued: “We have always said we are not going on beyond December 31.

“But, the way they are dragging this out to the eleventh hour is like a cat playing with a mouse.”

The Brexiteer added: “It’s like saying we can have you whenever we want to, we are going to toy with you.

“They want to see how much we can drag you through the mud, how much ignominy we can pile on you in these closing phases.”

Fellow former Brexit Party MEP Belinda de Lucy backed Mr Habib’s remarks, tweeting: “Well done. The EU is not pushing for a trade deal it’s pushing for a power grab that will neuter Brexit.

“This is their ‘precious,’ it’s their end goal. UK looking weak with constant threats and not following through.”


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