How people in Greater Manchester’s COVID hotspot reacted to Tier 3 measures

It was just a bag of bread, milk, eggs and baked beans, but for Jane Little and her family, it makes every bit of difference.

Without her doorstep delivery from a grassroots charity in Rochdale she really struggles to find the money from her benefits to feed her three grown-up children who all have special needs.

"I don't eat some days so they can," she said.

Jane Little relies on food donations to help feed her family
Image: Jane Little relies on food donations to help feed her family

"Lots of people are struggling, people are losing their jobs round here [which] is making it worse."

Her town now has the unenviable title of Greater Manchester's COVID-19 hotspot.


It's the birthplace of the co-operative movement and that spirit of collaboration for the common good is being reinvented through the pandemic.

Tier 3 restrictions are on their way, but Jane has been struggling to keep up with which rules apply to her for weeks now.

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"I just don't know anymore, I watch the news and you get depressed and anxious… I don't know what I should be doing."

Her priority is just keeping safe and feeding her family.

The latest delivery is from the group Muslims for Britain in Rochdale who have been delivering food parcels to people throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

Organiser Zak Khan told Sky News: "There is no easy call when it comes to deciding on these sort of restrictions.

"For me it is health before wealth so we have to accept the rules and just do our best to ensure businesses continue to survive in this difficult time.

"It is potentially catastrophic for many businesses but for me, the restrictions are absolutely vital to save lives."

In the old magistrates court building in Rochdale volunteers were running their weekly drop-in centre, where people who are struggling can find a hot meal and some support.

Volunteer Leon Hollinrake said the row between London and Manchester over the financial package for Tier 3 restrictions made little differenRead More – Source

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