‘This girl’: How two words about Meghan ’caused rift between William and Harry’

Prince Harry was left angry at the start of his relationship with Meghan after his brother William referred to her as "this girl".

New extracts from a book about Harry and Meghan's split from the Royal Family claim to reveal details of a conversation between the brothers.

"Don't feel you need to rush this," William told Harry, according to sources quoted in the book, Finding Freedom. "Take as much time as you need to get to know this girl."

Image: Prince William's alleged words about Meghan were said to have upset Harry. William and Meghan are pictured in 2018

The extracts – quoted in The Sunday Times – explain how Harry heard a "tone of snobbishness" that was "anathema to his approach to the world" in the words "this girl".

The new claims also include the supposed reaction of the wider royals when Meghan first came onto the scene.


"Meghan had often been the topic of conversation and gossip among them. When she arrived in the prince's life, one senior royal referred to the American actress as 'Harry's showgirl'.

"Another told an aide, 'She comes with a lot of baggage.' And a high-ranking courtier was overheard telling a colleague, 'There's just something about her I don't trust.'"

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When describing Meghan's relationship with Kate, the authors say that the pair never really spent much time together before Meghan and Harry's wedding and they never got any closer afterwards – despite Meghan becoming a senior royal.

But the book adds that while there were some "awkward moments", the duo never had a falling out.

It says: "Meghan would agree with the assessment that the duchesses were not the best of friends. Their relationship hadn't progressed much since she was Harry's girlfriend.

"But they were not at war with each other, either. There were awkward moments, such as the day the women happened to cross paths at Kensington Palace (in early 2017, when Harry and Meghan were still only dating), and although both were heading out to go shopping – in the same street – Kate went in her own Range Rover."

The Sussexes, who married in 2018, now live in Los Angeles with their 14-month-old son Archie after stepping down from royal duties in March.

While the media speculated that Meghan was behind the decision for the couple to step back, the book says she was "willing to do whatever it takes" to make it work.

An earlier extract of the book claims that by March this year, the relationship between the couples was bitter. They are pictured in 2018
Image: An earlier extract of the book claims that by March this year, the relationship between the couples was bitter. They are pictured in 2018

Meghan is said to have told a friend in March: "I gave up my entire life for this family. I was willing to do whatever it takes. But here we are. It's very sad."

A previous extract of the book, published on Saturday morning, alleges that the relationship between the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Duke and Duchess of Sussex was extremely bitRead More – Source

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