Tony Blair shock: Remainer confesses integral figure would have been a Brexiteer

REMAINER Tony Blair admitted that one of the most influential people in his life would have likely been a Brexiteer in a shocking confession.

Former Prime Minister and Labour leader Tony Blair revealed some of the key moments and influential people in his life during a candid interview. While speaking on Times Radio‘s show Past Imperfect, Tony Blair confessed his father would have likely been a supporter of Brexit. Tony Blair also admitted his father played a crucial role in shaping his work ethic and political ideologies.

Past Imperfect hosts Rachel Sylvester and Alice Thomson questioned the former Prime Minister on how the death of both of his parents impacted him growing up and how his father would view the current political climate.

Ms Thomson asked: “What do you think your father would think now if he was alive?

“How would he perceive the last few years?

“It would seem Britain was going in one direction but then it really changed in the last decade.

“Would he have been a Brexiteer, do you think?”

Mr Blair replied: “Yes, I think he would have been a Brexiteer.

“If my dad had been as he was, who knows I suppose, you can’t really tell because he was from a different generation.

“But he probably would have been because he was from that sort of wing of the Conservative Party.”

Since the 2016 Brexit result, Mr Blair has repeatedly argued leaving the European Union is bad for Britain.

Last week, the former Prime Minister reiterated his attitude towards Brexit and claimed it had been a complete disaster.

While speaking at a Reuters Newsmaker event, Mr Blair took aim at the Conservative Party for their handling of Brexit.

He said: “I am afraid you are never going to convince me that Brexit is anything other than a total and complete disaster.

“I am very sad about it.

“But I also, by way of acceptance, think we should make it happen as well as we can.”

“Here is the single most important thing about Brexit now.

“You have got to get the trade deal however you can manage it, which you can in the end.”


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