Royals prepare for post-lockdown life

Britons have been concerned about the royals specially the monarch who recently turned 94, due to the fact she is more at risk of developing complications should she catch coronavirus due to her age. There has been overwhelming support for her majesty and Prince Philip to continue to self-isolate, and thankfully, it seems it will be a while before the Queen returns to life in the public eye as she knows it.

With the country on lockdown there have been reports that the Queen is unlikely to return to public-facing duties for many months.

Buckingham Palace is operating on as few staff as possible and will not open to the public this summer.

Meanwhile, the Queen and Prince Philip will remain in self isolation at Windsor Castle for the foreseeable future.

From isolation in Windsor Castle this week, Queen Elizabeth honored two of her longest-running traditions in a new way.

The Chelsea Flower Show and the Royal Windsor Horse Show both went virtual in a unique way, due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The Queen even wrote public letters to celebrate her enthusiasm for both.

This year is the first time that the Queen will have missed the RWHS since it began in 1943.

Meanwhile, other royals have been spotted helping out within their communities.

A few of the younger members of the British royal family, from Princess Charlotte to Countess Sophie, have been spotted without masks in public as they have helped out with community service projects.

However, its too soon to tell when the traditional royal engagement will make a comeback.

However, across Europe, other Royal Families are resuming regular duties.

Although, these also have a few adjustments due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Early Thursday morning, Spains King Felipe and Queen Letizia made an in-person visit to MercaMadrid, a warehousing and supply center that helped keep goods moving through the country during the pandemic.

They spoke with various government officials and José Luis Martínez-Almeida, the mayor of Madrid, about fresh food distribution and watched workers load various goods for dispatch across the country.

Felipe and Letizia were both wearing masks and latex gloves, but were otherwise comfortable getting close to the people around them at work.

Though he spent most of the last few months working in his palace office, King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands is going to attend a Memorial Day service on Sunday.

This will be his first official appearance since the beginning of the pandemic.

According to a statement from the Royal House, the service will be closed to the public to protect against the spread of coronavirus.

Though, a group of dignitaries, including US Ambassador Pete Hoekstra, will be present.

Meanwhile, two youngest members of the Danish royal family have been back in school since mid-April, but this week Crown Princess Mary posted that her two older children, Prince Christian and Princess Isabella, were able to return after two months of homeschooling.

On Instagram, she showed her children walking to school (without masks) and commented that they appreciated the return to normalcy.

However, the younger royals in Sweden’s most recent public appearances have involved plenty of protective equipment.

On Wednesday, Crown Princess Victoria and her two children, Princess Estelle and Prince Oscar donned full bodysuits to learn about beekeeping, in honor of world Bee Day.

According to the Swedish newspaper Expressen, Estelle said that she felt like she was wearing a spacesuit.