Nigel Farage exposes flaw in new Brexit immigration bill

NIGEL FARAGE attacked the EU for their free movement policy and the impact it has had on the UK and warned of flaws in the UK’s new Brexit immigration bill.

Home Secretary Priti Patel introduced the Government’s immigration plan for Britain post-EU. She has also argued ending free movement will allow the UK to utilise a firmer, fairer and simpler system. Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage commended this introduction but noted there were flaws the Government still needed to address such as the “barriers for education ability and income earning potential” being “so low that actual numbers coming into the UK could increase not decrease”.

Nigel Farage said: “The Home Secretary Priti Patel is standing up in the House of Commons introducing a piece of legislation.

“It is designed, in the future, to treat people who want to come and live and work in the UK equally.

“This is regardless of whether they come from India, Australia, Romania or Germany, I think a massive step in the right direction.”

Nigel Farage also explained one of his biggest grievances with the European Union’s free movement and the impact it had on Britain.

He continued: “I think the free movement of people of Europe had actually sent us in a direction where we were beginning to turn our backs on the Commonwealth and much of the rest of the world.

“Treating everybody equally is the fairest and the best immigration policy.”

While Mr Farage noted he was pleased with the introduction of the bill, he highlighted some flaws he believes it has.

He added: “It is important to control the number of people coming into the country as our population has risen by over 6 million since 2001.

“I do not believe a rapidly rising population improves our quality of life.

“Is the plan she has put in good enough?

“They have set the barriers for education ability and income earning potential so low that actual numbers coming into the UK could increase not decrease.”

Mr Farage closed by demanding Priti Patel gets a grip on the illegal immigrants entering the country via the English Channel to ensure the Government has control over who enters the country.

The new immigration system demands that those wishing to live and work in the UK meet a certain standard.

This includes being able to speak English to a certain level, having a job offer from an approved employer and meeting a salary threshold of 25,600.

Points could also be awarded for certain qualifications if there is a shortage in a particular occupation.


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