Care home residents make up more than a third of coronavirus-related deaths

More than a third of the coronavirus-related deaths in the UK have been among care home residents in England and Wales, according to figures from the Office for National Statistics.

There were 12,526 deaths among care home residents during March and April where COVID-19 was mentioned on the death certificate. This includes whether the disease was the underlying cause or not.

The Department of Health said on Thursday that 33,614 people have so far died from coronavirus in the UK.

There were 45,899 deaths of care home residents in March and April, meaning more than more a quarter were linked to coronavirus.

Among the more than 12,500 deaths, 9,039 (72%) occurred within a care home.


A further 3,444 (27%) occurred within a hospital.

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Around one in ten (11%) of care home resident deaths in England and Wales involving coronavirus were people who had no pre-existing health condition, the ONS found.

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The remaining nine in 10 (89%) deaths were of those with at least one pre-existing health issue, with the most common main conditions being dementia and Alzheimer's disease, with 5,115 deaths (42.5% of all deaths involving COVID-19).

Others included ischaemic heart diseases, the main pre-existing condition in 5.5% of coronavirus-related deaths, chronic lower respiratory diseases (5.4%) and influenza and pneumonia (4.9%).

The ONS also found coronavirus was the leading cause of death for male care home residents in England and Wales during the period 2 March to 1 May, accounting for 30.3% of deaths.

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It was the second leading cause of death in female care home residents, after dementia and Alzheimer's disease, accounting for 23.5% of deaths.

Of all hospital deaths involving coronavirus during this period, 14.6% were accounted for by care home residents.

The figures have been revealed after care homes said they felt "almost compelled" to take in people who have not been tested for coronavirus.

Sky News also revealed how several councils threatened to withhold funding to help care homes deal with the coronavirus outbreak if they Read More – Source

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