Piers Morgan fumes as Rishi Sunak refuses to appear on GMB

PIERS MORGAN has hit out at Chancellor Rishi Sunak after he declined an invitation to appear on GMB to discuss the latest economic measures for the United Kingdom.

It comes as the government apparently has warned ministers off appearing on the popular breakfast TV show, following a series of awkward interviews that saw ministers struggle to answer Piers Morgan and Susanna Reids often basic questions. The GMB host has claimed it’s been 14 days since the boycott was initiated by Westminster, and the public has been left dismayed by officials refusing to come on the programme and explain the latest coronavirus measures.

Piers Morgan tweeted: “Chancellor @RishiSunak has refused to come on @GMB tomorrow to inform our viewers about his new economic measures for this crisis.

“This is the 14th day of the Government’s boycott of our show for asking tough questions during a national emergency. “

ITV’s royal editor Chris Ship replied to the outburst by hinting that Rishi would only appear on BBC Breakfast.

He tweeted: “I suspect hell still do BBC Breakfast though.”

Many of the Piers’s followers were in agreement with his stance that politicians should appear on television to be questioned.

One user wrote: “Thats a real disappointment. I thought @RishiSunak would as hes been pretty solid throughout this. Im guessing this is a blanket decision from Comms. Its astonishing that they are allowed to do this – its incredibly cowardly and unfair at a time like this.

A second replied: “Number 10 media office need to stop taking it personally and lift the ridiculous boycott of GMB.”

A third commented: “The British government are democratically elected by the people of this country including the viewers of GMB…they have the right to see ministers questioned like anyone else regardless of who asks the questions..stop been pathetic scaredy cats ministers.”

It comes as yesterday the chancellor extended the furlough scheme until October but government funding will be cut after July.

Originally the furlough scheme was thought to be ending in June, however, yesterday Mr Sunak said businesses will have to begin chipping in to help ease the burden on the taxpayer.

It has been estimated by the ONS that the scheme is costing around £8 billion a month.

At the moment it is paying 80 per cent of peoples wages to a limit of £2500 a month.

Paul Johnson, head of the Institute for Fiscal Studies, said the cost was “staggering” and was likely to reach £80billion in total.

“It is huge, its more than any government spending other than the health service or welfare,” he added.

Already employers have warned that there could be “mass redundancies” if employers had to pay large sums upfront to keep their workers on.

Shadow Chancellor Annelise Dodds said: “The government must clarify today when employers will be required to start making contributions, and how much theyll be asked to pay.

“If every business is suddenly required to make a substantial contribution from the 1st August onwards, there is a very real risk that we will see mass redundancies.”

Statistics released showed that the job retention scheme has so far protected 7.5 million workers and almost one million businesses.

Mr Sunak said in a speech yesterday: “Until the end of July there will be no changes whatsoever.

“Then from August to October, the scheme will continue for all sectors and regions of the UK but with greater flexibility to support the transition back to work.

“As we reopen the economy we need to support people back to work.

“Between August and October, the scheme will continue but with greater flexibility to support people back to work.”


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