London Bridge terror attack victims’ funerals being held today

The funerals of London bridge terror attack victims Jack Merritt and Saskia Jones will be held today.

The private service for family and friends to celebrate Jack's life will be held in his home town of Cambridge.

Saskia will be honoured at a memorial service before her funeral in Stratford-Upon-Avon.

The former Cambridge university students were killed by Usman Khan as they attended a prisoner rehabilitation event in London on 29 November.

Image: Usman Khan was shot dead by police

The vice-chancellor of Cambridge has asked students past and present to remember the values embodied by them both.


In an end-of-term email, Prof Stephen Toope described their work as "transformational" and said: "I ask that we do not let the manner of Saskia and Jack's deaths eclipse the manner in which they lived their lives – and helped others to do so.

"As we prepare for the holiday period, let us instead remember the values they embodied."

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He wrote that the "spirit of the Learning Together programme, of which they were part, echoes clearly across the collegiate University".

"It springs from an indomitable belief Read More – Source