Pet owners warned on dangers of Christmas chocolate treats

Pet owners are being warned to keep chocolate "safe from curious paws" this Christmas after a terrier had to be rushed to the vet for life-saving treatment.

Jenny Pomroy discovered her 14-year-old Parsons Russell Terrier had polished off at least four chocolate Santa decorations from their Christmas tree.

PDSA vets were on hand to provide emergency treatment to sweet-toothed Lily, which saved her life.

Lily's story is being highlighted by the charity to warn pet owners to be extra vigilant this Christmas as many festive treats, including chocolate, can be toxic for pets.

Ms Pomroy, 38, from Twydall in Kent, said: "I'd hung chocolate tree decorations high on the tree, as we do every year, but a few days before Christmas I walked into the sitting room to find decorations and tinsel all over the floor.


"Lily must have climbed the sofa and pulled everything off to get to the chocolate.

"The foil wrappers were gone, so she must have eaten these too.

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"I didn't realise how dangerous it was, but thankfully I'd heard that chocolate can be really poisonous to dogs, so I called PDSA straight away."

Image: The life of the sweet-toothed 14-year-old was saved after receiving emergency treatment

Ms Pomroy rushed her pet to Gillingham PDSA Pet Hospital where she was given a drug to safely make her sick.

Medication was then prescribed to prevent her body from absorbing any remaining toxins.

PDSA vet Soo Ming Teoh said: "It was a good job that Lily was brought into the hospital. Chocolate toxicity is a real concern and her owners were really sensible to bring her straight down to us.

"The amount of chocolate she ate was dangerous for such a small dog and it could have been fatal if she'd been left untreated.

"The wrappers were an adRead More – Source