Police car targeted in suspected grenade attack

A police car has been targeted in a suspected grenade attack in west Belfast.

The patrol vehicle was being driven along Milltown Row at around 2am on Wednesday when it was struck by an object and a loud bang was heard.

PSNI Chief Superintendent Jonathan Roberts said: "Officers were in the Falls Road area conducting routine patrols when, shortly after 2am, a police car was struck by an object as it was driving along Milltown Row.

"A loud bang was then heard and the police car made its way to a place of safety. Thankfully none of the officers inside the vehicle were injured and no damage was noted to the car."

He said that the "remnants of a suspected grenade have been recovered and taken away for forensic testing".


"This was undoubtedly an attempt to kill or injure police officers who were out on duty in the early hours of the morning working to keep the public safe. TRead More – Source