Police called to reports of people with machetes at cinema

A number of police officers have been assaulted after a brawl at a Birmingham cinema.

Officers were called to Star City, an entertainment complex in the Nechells area, just after 5.30pm following reports of people with machetes.

More than 100 people were at the cinema and "pockets of fighting" had broken out, police said.

Several arrests were made.

Witness Rachael Allison said: "The police told everyone to leave the cinema as they held Taser guns in their hands and started to bring in guard dogs.


"I spoke to a policeman who told me it is unclear whether the kids had weapons and also stated when kids fight they bring their group of friends."

Another witness described it as "one of the scariest moments of [her] life", as she queued to watch the new Frozen film with her daughter.

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