Tories pledge to double dementia research funding to £1.6bn

Plans to double investment into dementia research to more than £1.6bn over the next decade have been announced by Boris Johnson.

If his party wins the general election, the prime minister said the UK would lead the fight to tackle the disease he called the "next great frontier" in medicine.

The Tories said it would set Britain's finest scientists to work on a "dementia moonshot".

Funds will be spent on increasing the number of clinical research academics and researchers studying innovative techniques including advanced therapeutics and neurotechnologies.

The Conservatives have also announced a new £500m fund to build on the Cancer Drugs Fund to give patients quicker access to cutting-edge medicines for cancer and other diseases.


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Mr Johnson said: "As people live longer, dementia becomes a real issue, and so what we're announcing today is a £1.6bn moonshot to tackle dementia."

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The PM said there was a "big opportunity" for the UK to lead the way in curing the syndrome, and to "give people happier and healthier lives in old age".

"We think we're at the margins now of ways to cure it so we're putting a £1.6bn effort into tackling dementia.

"It's thRead More – Source