Lib Dems and SNP lose fight to join TV leaders’ debate

The Liberal Democrats and the SNP have lost an appeal to be included in a leaders' debate on ITV tomorrow.

Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn will now go head-to-head without Jo Swinson and Nicola Sturgeon, as planned.

The judges concluded: "No arguable breach of the broadcast code is shown."

The parties took ITV to the High Court, saying their exclusion deprived voters of the chance to make their own decisions.

As the High Court appeal got underway on Monday morning, the Lib Dems launched


Speaking ahead of the case, SNP Westminster leader Ian Blackford said people in Scotland voted Remain in 2016 and "overwhelmingly backed the SNP as their party of choice in the European elections".

He claimed polls show about half of voters support Scottish independence and if the SNP was not represented in TV debates "these key positions won't be heard".

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