Four years after Nov. 13 attacks, Paris to get memorial garden in honour of victims

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The Paris City Council voted unanimously on Tuesday to create a memorial garden in honour of the 130 victims who died in the terrorist attacks of November 13, 2015. The location of the garden has yet to be decided.


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The vote on a proposal by Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo came on the eve of the commemorations of the fourth anniversary of the attacks.

'Gather, bear witness and keep the memory of the victims alive'

Hidalgo asked the council to propose several venues to two non-profit groups, 13onze15 [13 Eleven 15] and Life for Paris, after having obtained approval from the mayors of the suggested arrondissements.

The memorial garden, which will be accessible to victims and their families as well as the general public, will make it possible to "gather, bear witness and keep the memory of the victims alive,” according to a statement issued by the City of Paris. The garden is also to “play an educational role and be a place of life in honour of all the victims,” the statement said.

The difficult work of reconstruction

Four years after the tragedy, many victims say they have begun to heal. The upcoming trial of the alleged perpetrators of the attack, though, could once again traumatise families of the victims as well as those who were injured or witnessed the deadly events.

Everyone has a different path to recovery, experts stress, but "any person who has psychological stabiliRead More – Source