Stick, twist, sell? 

The LSE is considering a reduction in market hours to 9am-4pm!

Please! Do it now!!! The opening time of 8am has always been mad.

How are people expected to trade and get to work and get their kids to school?

Trading between 8 and 9 is always terrible anyway. There is poor liquidity, spreads are mad and it is often a waste of time.

Open the auctions at 8.30am to allow a build up of liquidity then open the market at 9am. Stop talking, get it done.

FYI nothing much happens in the markets either between 11am and 2.30pm when the US opens.

Just open 9-11 and 2.30-4pm. That's plenty. The rest of the time it is just robots and day traders messing about to get a point or two banked.

While we're at it, time that company statements and results were released at 5pm after the market shuts not at 7am.

This would give us all the chance to read reports properly. An hour before the market opens is silly. Especially so early in the morning. They do this in America. Let's change this for here too. Are you with me on all this? Yes, hurrah!

The upcoming election presents a big problem for investors. Stick, twist, sell?

Risk has definitely increased. There is a slim chance of a Lab majority but.. the risk is there. With that attention seeking pratface Farage mucking about there could easily be a split vote causing a hard left government no-one wants (except the hard left obvs).

If that happened expect a massive hit to all portfolios as most shares would fall, especially UK companies.

It might also be hard to sell anything smallish at all.

A hung parliament would also cause a shares slide as would a left leaning Labour/snp/lib pact. Any hung parliament means yet more uncertainty.

A Tory win though would probably see a decent share bounce.

The question on whether you should sell some stuff, or get out totally or even get buying rests on what you think might be the result.

I'm just not sure yet and the markets don't seem alarmed so far.

I always try and go the middle line so I think I will look to sell some of anything I'm not sure about and keep a decent cash pile safe! I would expect to be half in cash before the election. That seems sensible as I've had a good run and made a lot of profit this year.

I don't mind giving some back, that's the way things happen but not all of it!

Also it is probably wise not to be leveraged up right now, and avoid jam tomorrow companies anything making a loss or anything with a massive debt not backed by assets.

Given the looming election I am being very careful regarding buying anything, however there is some value out there.

There are also some companies that might not be affected that much by a hard left win.

But, for the moment, buying caution is the watchword.

However, one or two have caught my eye!

I bought into a couple more shares that came up at the follow up seminar.

SDI (LON:SDI) looks a very decent share and another that came up at the seminar. It is currently breaking out of its range and the breakout looks like a powerful one.

It designs and make scientific and tech products used in digital imaging and sensing and control applications.

Profits are going nicely and it has a very small debt. Its markets look to be promising and its recent AGM statement was encouraging.

It has been gradually raising money sensibly to acquire other companies and it looks set to continue.

It looks like a rather nice Isa tuckaway with a potential 100p in time with some patience. Not a virtue most traders have!

And another discussed at the seminar was GAN (LON:GAN) which develops and supplies gambling software and online gaming content in the states.

Demand for this software is growing over there as gambling begins to get more backing from various states.

A recent announcement says trading is ahead of expectations with demand from New Jersey and Pennsylvania where fans want to bet on US football.

Looks a nice tuckaway and another not affected if Labour wins. It has been spurting up the last couple of days and so far shows little sign of stopping. Target 200?

I have literally just bought some small Helios Towers (LON:HTWS) Valued at just over a billion pounds this is an African mobile phone masts operator.

It went below the issue price this afternoon and it has been drifting down over the last few days so it is a speculative buy around this price on my part.

But there seems to be room for growth in the share price from here.

It is going to be spreading mobile masts across sub-Saharan africa.

What's interesting for me is it is an under the radar type share. But next it should go into the FTSE 250 and begin to attract in more funds.

So I would expect the share price to start to rise in December and it should be unaffected should LabouRead More – Source