99 flood warnings across Midlands and Yorkshire

Commuters have been facing travel chaos in northern England as trains have been cancelled and motorists are blocked from travelling because of flooded roads.

Parts of the north Midlands and Yorkshire have seen around half of the average November rainfall just today, the Met Office has said. More rain is expected this evening.

Up to 99 flood warnings and 117 flood alerts have been issued by the Environment Agency, as amber and yellow warnings are in place across the country.

Image: A man attempts to cycles through a flooded street in Sheffield

By 5pm on Thursday, Sheffield had seen 47.2mm of rainfall, while Emley Moor was hit by 40mm.

Rainfall could reach 100mm by Friday morning, according to Met forecaster Craig Snell.


An amber warning for heavy rain has been issued and is set to last until 6am on Friday.

The warning, which means there is the possibility of travel delays, road and rail closures, power cuts and the potential risk to life and property, covers an area between Sheffield, Manchester and Bradford.

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Yellow warnings are in place for north Wales as well as east Manchester, covering Leeds, Lincoln, York, Scarborough and Middlesborough. A yellow warning means there may be some travel disruption.

On Thursday, hours of torrential rain in Sheffield and other parts of South and West Yorkshire have flooded streets and left pathways impassable.

Hundreds of people have been left stranded in Meadowhall shopping centre, just off the M1 near Sheffield, when the surrounding roads were brought to a standstill caused by nearby flooding.

The situation worsened when the River Don burst its banks on one side. At 9.30pm it burst and flooded another road that cars had been travelling on.

The centre's annual Christmas Live event was cancelled. It is the biggest shopping centre in Yorkshire.

The River Don has risen close to bursting next to a busy road. Pic: Hannah Crossley
Image: The River Don before it burst. Pic: Hannah Crossley
The River Don has burst onto a road which is now completely flooded. Pic: Hannah Crossley
Image: The River Don after it burst onto a road which is now completely flooded. Pic: Hannah Crossley

Former student Hannah Crossley, 24, lives locally and arrived at the centre at 3pm to get a head start on her Christmas shopping and intended to go home by 7pm latest.

At 9pm, she remains stuck in the shopping centre and has watched the water levels rise to be "cms away from flooding over the wall".

She told Sky News: "Meadowhall says it's safe to leave but the river is cm's away from flooding over the wall.

"We will try and leave in a bit when it's died down. I'm okay, I feel very calm but it just shows how powerful water really is."

Within an hour, the River Don flooded over the road Miss Crossley was overlooking and trains were cancelled, meaning she is set to stay the night in the shopping cenRead More – Source