‘I think someone’s taken her’: Missing backpacker’s dad combs through CCTV

British backpacker Amelia Bambridge's father has told Sky News he believes she was taken after searching through CCTV of the night she went missing in Cambodia.

Sky News' southeast Asia correspondent, Siobhan Robbins, joined more than 100 volunteers and police searching for Amelia.

Through thick jungle they climb, a string of men in uniform picking their way through the trees in the centre of the Cambodia island of Koh Rong.

Every few minutes, one whistles or makes a chirping noise, wordlessly communicating their position to their team.

We follow as they march on through the intense heat, tracing a thin muddy path through the vegetation up a steep hill.


These men have one objective – to find Amelia Bambridge, the British backpacker who has been missing for five days.

Image: Amelia, 21, was last seen at a beach party in the early hours of Wednesday. Pic: Facebook

The 21-year-old, from Worthing, West Sussex, disappeared after a beach party on the popular holiday island last Wednesday.

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Her friends raised the alarm the following evening, and throughout the weekend volunteers joined the authorities in the search.

Amelia's bag was found on rocks where she had been partying so initially the focus was on the beach.

Scuba divers and drones scoured the water and the shoreline but there has been no trace of her so on Monday the search moved inland.

As various groups trampled through the thick vegetation, hoping that Amelia has stumbled off the path and got lost, her family combed through hours of CCTV trying to piece together her last known movements.

As we watch the grainy images on a large TV screen, her father, Phil Bambridge, points her out heading to the party with a small group of friends just before 2am

He said: "We were getting conflicting times of when she got there. I don't think she's in the sea, I think she's inland somewhere.

"I think someone's taken her. I don't think she's had an accident, if she'd had an accident she would have been found."

Image: Amelia told her sisters she was having 'the best time ever' hours before she went missing

A snippet of video posted on social media also catches a glimpse of Amelia on the last night she was seenRead More – Source