British pair held at gunpoint for chasing flight down runway

Holiday maker chased by armed police

A father and son were arrested for chasing a plane down an airport runway (Picture: pinterest/Google)

A father and son were arrested by armed police after breaking an airports emergency exit door to catch a flight they missed while they drank at the bar.

Antonino Loi, 65, and Tony Loi, 40, were held at gunpoint for chasing a plane bound for London Stanstead down the runway at Cagliari airport, Sardinia on Tuesday.

They have been fined £2000 for the damage caused when they forced the door open, causing an alarm to go off, the Sun reports.

Tony Loi, who lives in London, said he planned to challenge the fine and branded the situation ridiculous and stupid.

He said: We usually board at a gate on the first floor so thats where we were sitting but they boarded from below.

They said they called us but neither of us heard anything on the tannoy.



My dad saw an easyJet plane outside and then saw that boarding was shut.

Holiday maker chased by armed police

Tony Loi said he planned on challenging the fine (Picture: Pinterest)

I ran downstairs towards the plane, I thought the stairs to the plane were still there, so I basically exited a door that put an alarm off.

Mr Loi insisted he and his dad werent drunk or criminals and just wanted to catch the plane when they saw police chasing them.

He said: To be honest, I actually thought the police officer was going to radio the plane and tell them to make an exception and let us off but, it was the opposite, a different case altogether.

Following the fiasco, the pair were taken to a small room for an hour where they were told they would be fined.

Airport police officer Mimmo Bari told the publication the pair looked like a comedy scene as they wheeled their suitcases along the tarmac, but said if it had been in a stricter country they ran the risk of being shot.

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