White couple sue IVF clinic after wife gives birth to Asian daughter

Kristina Koedderich and her ex-husband are suing their IVF clinic after the 'devastating' mix-up 

Kristina Koedderich and her ex-husband are suing their IVF clinic after the devastating mix-up

A white couple discovered they were raising a baby fathered by another man after the child developed Asian features.

The pair blame their fertility clinic for the IVF mishap, which they claim led to their divorce.

Now the New Jersey clinic must hand over a list of sperm donors after Kristina Koedderich and Drew Wasilewski filed individual lawsuits against it.

The couple say the error dawned on them as they noticed their daughter developing Asian features and were told she has a blood disorder associated with Southeast Asian heritage, according to court documents.

A DNA test later proved Drew was not the girls biological father.

Kristina (Wasilewski) Koedderich 7453505 White couple is suing their fertility clinic after giving birth to an Asian daughter

Kristina and Drew are now divorced and suing the clinic individually (Picture: Kirstina Wasilewski)

In his written testimony he revealed his devastation at the news, while Kristina recalled them both breaking down in tears.



The nightmare scenario resulted after the couple spent some $500,000 at the Institute of Reproductive Medicine and Science at Saint Barnabas (IRMS) so they could have a baby together.

David Mazie, representing the couple, said: Even though they love her, they were entitled to have a child with both of their genes

What happened to the fathers sperm that he doesnt know about?

The lawyer said Drew now wants to know if he is the biological father to another child.

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He added: This little girl is entitled to know her genRead More – Source