Stop vaping immediately after sixth death is recorded in the States

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The death of a patient in their 50s has been linked to the practice of vaping (Picture: Getty)

A sixth person has died from an outbreak of a lung disease that has been linked to vaping in the US.

The unidentified patients was taken to hospital and their condition declined rapidly before they died at a hospital in Kansas.

It has led to health experts to urge people to quit.

Kansas Department of Health and Environment secretary Lee Norman said: It is time to stop vaping.

If you or a loved one is vaping, please stop. The recent deaths across our country, combined with hundreds of reported lung injury cases continue to intensify.

The latest patient was over the age of 50 and also had a history of underlying health issues.

Five people die from vaping (Picture: @simahherman/Instagram)

Simah Herman suffered from lung failure as a result of vaping and is now campaigning to get people to stop (Picture: @simahherman/Instagram)

Vaping left me in a coma Maddie Nelson

Maddie Nelson, 18, was left in a coma after vaping every day for three years and she urges parents tell your kids not to do this (picture: Maddie Nelson)

However, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say there have been 450 potential cases of lung disease linked to vaping across 33 states.



The agency says no evidence of infectious diseases have been identified, meaning the illnesses are likely associated with chemical exposure.

It says no specific substance or product has been linked to all cases, though many cases involve people who reported vaping THC, marijuanas high-inducing chemical.

Health officials said they do not have detailed information on what specific e-cigarette products were used by the deceased patient in Kansas.

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