Stalker copied victims key and climbed into bed with her

A general view of Portsmouth Crown Court in Portsmouth, Hampshire.

Stalker Stuart Cosgrave was handed a restraining order at Portsmouth Crown Court (Picture: PA)

A stalker who cut himself a copy of his victims key and climbed into bed with her has been handed a restraining order.

Stuart Cosgrave, 45, repeatedly let himself into the womans flat to watch her while she slept, Portsmouth Crown Court heard.

One evening the frightened victim woke up thinking someone was rubbing her head before discovering Cosgrave had got into her bed.

The woman, from Southsea in Portsmouth, Hants, told the court she continues to feel unsettled after the incident.

Cosgrave, who was known to his victim, had been given the key for a short period of time but breached her trust by making a copy of it without her knowing.

The court heard he had also stolen her underwear during his break-ins.

Last year Cosgrave was cautioned in court for harassment via text message and admitted one count of stalking.



Daniel Reilly, defending, said that his client was remorseful for the distress caused by his behaviour.

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