Audi driven at pedestrians during mass brawl in Manchester

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Audi 'driven at pedestrians' during mass brawl in Manchester

Police have shut off an area of Manchester after a massive brawl outside a nightclub (Picture: LNP)

An Audi A3 was driven at pedestrians during a mass early hours brawl in Manchester this morning, police said.

Trouble kicked off after a fight at the nightclub Twenty Twenty Two in the city spilled out into the street.

Greater Manchester Police said a black car was driven at a man outside the venue and they are investigating reports of a firearm being shot.

Three men were taken to hospital with injuries but none are life-threatening.

Police have cordoned off a large part of the citys Northern Quarter after the disturbance, which they said was not terror related.

? Licensed to London News Pictures. 08/09/2019. Manchester, UK. Police seal off several blocks in the Northern Quarter of Manchester City Centre and carry out extensive fingertip and forensic searches after an Audi A3 was driven at crowds during a fight , centred around Dale Street and Newton Street , in the early hours of the morning (Sunday 8th September 2019). It's understood a fight started at the Twenty Twenty Two Club before spilling out on to the streets at about 3:30AM . Photo credit: Joel Goodman/LNP

Forensic officers have been deployed in the Northern Quarter of Manchester after the brawl (Picture: LNP)

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