Hundreds attend funeral for veteran, 97, who had no known family or friends

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Nearly 1,000 people attended the funeral for Herman White on Wednesday in Perry, Oklahoma (Picture: Obituary/AP)

Hundreds of strangers flocked to the funeral for a 97-year-old World War II veteran who had now known living relatives.

Navy veteran Herman White died on August 11 in Oklahoma. He had no family, no close friends. His wife Evelyn died in 1998. Their only child, Mickey, died a year later at 47-years-old, according to his obituary.

Funeral director Rebecca Raines, with Brown-Dugger Funeral Home, learned of Whites lack of loved ones and reached out to the public, hoping they would give White a proper heros funeral.

Raines said: A neighbor across the street is the one who took him to the hospital and came in with his DD214 (notice of discharge/release from military) and said “All I know is everyone is dead and theres not anyone.

She reached out to a reunion group for the ship White served on, members of the public, and even public figures – including President Donald Trump, according to the American Military News.



On Wednesday, White was lowered into the ground in front of nearly 1,000 people. He was buried next to his wife and son in Perry, Oklahoma.

Senator Paul Rosino, a 25-year retired Navy veteran said: Its heartbreaking to think that this American hero so selflessly and bravely served his country in World War II and now has no family to honor and remember him at his funeral.