Read: Leaked diplomatic letters over A$AP Rocky

CNN has obtained the full text of a letter written by the US Special Presidential Envoy for Hostage Affairs Robert C. O'Brien and leaked earlier on Twitter. Addressed to the Swedish Prosecution Authority on July 31 — before the rapper's trial had concluded — the letter said the US was eager "to resolve this case as soon as possible to avoid potentially negative consequences to the US-Swedish bilateral relationship."Sweden's Prosecutor-General, Petra Lindh, responded in a letter on August 1, 2019, defending the independence of the prosecutor and the Swedish court. "No other prosecutor, not even I, may interfere with a specific case or try to affect the prosecutor responsible," wrote Lindh."Furthermore, when a person is charged and the case is brought before a court, only the court can decide, during or after the trial, whether or not to release the person or decide on supervised detention."A US Department of State official told CNN, "We can't comment on diplomatic communications."The 30-year-old A$AP Rocky — whose real name is Rakim Mayers — was embroiled in a street brawl in Stockholm in June, and he has argued that he and his co-defendants only acted in self-defense. His trial concluded today with his release from jail, and a final judgement in the case will be delivered in August. In the meantime, US officials say he is already on his way back to the United States. The case has captured the attention of US president Donald Trump, who publicly demanded the rapper's release and raiRead More – Source

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