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No more bump — or hot shoe — for the G5 X Mark II


Canon's catering to its vlogging fans with a souped-up-for-video update to its popular G7 X Mark II, the G7 X Mark III, and turns its EVF-equipped big brother, the G5 X Mark II, into a a bit of a copycat.

The cameras are slated to ship in August, at $750 for the G7 X III and $900 for the G5 X II. Those prices are higher than their predecessors. We don't have pricing or availability for other regions, but those convert directly to about £600/£720 and AU$1,075/AU$1,290, respectively.


The G7 X Mark III keeps the old design, but now comes in a snazzy new two-tone option.


By switching to a new sensor type, a stacked CMOS, and upping to the latest version of its processor, Digic 8, Canon has been able to significantly improve its continuous-shooting speeds (to around 8fps with autofocus and 20fps without it) as well as add several new video capabilities to its repertoire: 4K 30fps video-capture, 120fps 1,920 x 1,080 slow motion, and HDR movie.

The G7 X III also gains the ability to stream to YouTube Live over Wi-Fi — including vertical video — though you have to go through Canon Image Gateway to do so, and the Wi-Fi remains a pokey 2.4GHz WiFi 4 connection. The biggest physical change to the camera is a new mic jack, a key upgrade for video use.


The pop-up viewfinder takes after the design of Sony's RX 100 series.


More typical upgrades come to the G5 X for its second generation, most notably some shrinkage. It bears little resemblance to its predecessor and looks a lot more like the G7 models; the centered electronic viewfinder bump is gone, replaced by a popup version of the same EVF off to the side.

It swaps the flash which used to reside there for a popup version as well, with the ancillary result of losing the hot shoe. Those changes make it a little more pocketable — although it only loses 0Read More – Source

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