ITV won’t commission ‘Jeremy Kyle’ format show again

LONDON (Reuters) – British broadcaster ITV wont commission another show with the same format as “The Jeremy Kyle Show” which was axed last month after a participant died shortly after appearing on the programme, its boss told lawmakers on Tuesday.

A company sign is displayed outside an ITV studio in London, Britain July 27, 2016. REUTERS/Neil Hall/File Photo

A mainstay of ITVs daytime schedule since 2005, the programme had similarities with Americas “The Jerry Springer Show”, including using security guards to break up brawls between guests.

But the death of Steven Dymond, a 63-year-old who had taken a lie-detector test a week before his death in an episode that was never broadcast, has raised questions about broadcasters responsibility towards people who appear on reality TV shows.

“We will not commission a show in the future in this way, in this format, using lie detector tests,” ITV Chief Executive Carolyn McCall said in evidence to the British parliaments Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee.

The committee is investigating the support offered to participants in reality TV shows, both during and after filming.

McCall said the decision on future programme commissions reflected a wide range of opinion on the accuracy of lie detector tests, which “depends on who you talk to.”

The tests were frequently used on “The Jeremy Kyle Show” and their use was criticised by the committees lawmakers.

Its inquiry was prompted by the death of Dymond and the deaths of two former contestants in the broadcasters popular dating show “Love Island”.

ITV, Britains biggest free-to-air commercial broadcaster, suspended “The Jeremy Kyle Show” on May 13 when news of Dymonds death emerged. It axed the show two days later.

“Everybody at ITV was extremely sorry to have heard that someone who had appeared on the show had died in quite close proximity to appearing on the show,” said McCall.

“Suspending the show created shockwaves in the production team, it had never happened before, it was unprecedented,” she said, adding: “A number of factors on that episode (featuring Dymond) madRead More


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