Girl who ate her own hair for ten years has massive clump removed from stomach

Hair clump

Surgeons removed the hair clump from the girls stomach (Picture: East2West)

This huge clump of hair was removed from a teenagers stomach.

The girl, 16, had built up the half a kilo cluster after chewing on her locks for the past ten years.

The unnamed teen, from Tomsk, Siberia, in Russia, suffers from a condition called Rapunzel syndrome, which makes her eat her own hair.

Surgeons at Emergency Medicine Clinic Number Two were forced to operate when her health started to deteriorate.

Doctor-in-chief Andrey Karavaev said her gastrointestinal tract was in danger of being totally blocked and her stomach was 80 per cent full with hair.

Humans are unable to digest hair so it kept accumulating.

Hair clump

The hair clump weighed half a kilo (Picture: East2West)

Hair clump removed

Doctors revealed the girl had been eating her hair for ten years (Picture: East2West)

The girl said she was feeling much better after her surgery..



She may now undergo psychiatric treatment to deal with her illness.

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