Sudan’s Bashir charged for protestors’ deaths

"The Public Prosecutor's Office has charged former President Omar al-Bashir and others with incitement and criminal complicity in the killing of demonstrators in recent events," the statement said.In April, after three decades in power, Bashir was arrested and forced from his position in a military coup. His removal came amid a popular uprising against his rule that saw thousands take to the streets across the northeastern African country. The protests first began in late 2018 over the rising costs of living, and escalated into a push for Bashir's removal from office, with mass rallies and sit-ins outside the presidential compound and army headquarters. Bashir responded with a crackdown that led to scores of civilian deaths.The military, which has since dissolved the government, has said it would remain in power for up to two years, despite renewed protests against their rule.Bashir has been tranRead More – Source

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