Milton Keynes Marathon 2019 start time, route and road closures

Runners taking part in the Milton Keynes Marathon with the starting line behind them

(Picture: @mk_marathon/Twitter)

The Milton Keynes Marathon gets underway this morning with thousands of people expected to take part.

It is an annual event that started in 2012 and is centred around the Stadium MK football stadium.

The Grade A certified race is open to the public and has the option to take part in either a half marathon or full marathon.

Here is everything that you need to know about this years marathon race including the route and road closures that you can expect.

Runners going past the Milton Keynes Marathon starting line

(Picture: @mk_marathon/Twitter)

When is the Milton Keynes Marathon start time?

The race will start at 10am on Monday 6 May 2019.

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What is the Milton Keynes Marathon 2019 Route?

Runners will begin their marathon in Saxon street which is beside the Stadium MK, the home of League Two side MK Dons.



The route will then see them travel across a series of road and boulevards for the first five miles.

Runners will then enter Woughton-on-the-Green and Woolstone which is where the full marathon and half marathon runners will split off from each other.

The full marathon runers will then continue through the village and towards Willen Lake.

They will then be alongside the grand union canal and past Bradwell Abbey, followed by a run through Loughton Valley Park and Teadrop Lakes.

The final stage of the race will see the runners do a lap around the Stadium MK football pitch and then cross the finish line.

What are the road closures in Milton Keynes?

Many of the homes that will be affected by the marathons taking place in Milton Keynes will have received a notice about road closures.

The road closure notice leaflet for the 5 & 6 May is also available on the MK Marathon website.

Various roads are set to be closed or restricted during the marathons, to help protect runners from potential dangers.

Anybody planning to travel through the town on Monday 6 May are advised to plan ahead before starting their journey.

You can also listen to traffic updates on the local radio, or call the traffic hotline on 0845 387 1685.

Runners taking part in the Milton Keynes Marathon with the starting line behind them

(Picture: @mk_marathon/Twitter)

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