Sony launches its own taxi-hailer app, S.Ride – CNET

What does the "S" stand for? Not "Sony."


Sony offers a diverse range of products and services, from Bravia TVs to PlayStation gaming consoles to Xperia phones. Now it can add yet another item to that list: a taxi-hailing app.

The company launched the Uber-like S.Ride app in Tokyo on Tuesday. That "S", according to advertising, stands for three words, none of which are Sony: "simple", "smart" and "speedy".

The app was officially launched by a company called Minna no Taxi, which translates to "Everybody's Taxi". Minna no Taxi is a joint venture between Sony Corporation, Sony Payment Services and several Japanese taxi companies.

Unlike Uber and Lyft, this is a taxi-hailer, not an app to catch rides with civilians. Ride-hailing services, unlike taxi-hailing services, are banned in Japan. Uber has plans to move into the country by partnering with a taxi company, reports Bloomberg.

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That alliance was actually announced last February, according toRead More – Source

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