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Venezuela crisis: Fresh power cuts black out Caracas

A second major power cut in just a few hours has plunged the Venezuelan capital Caracas into darkness again, with other regions also affected.

It came after a four-hour blackout on Monday which the government sought to blame on opposition sabotage.

A nationwide power cut earlier this month prompted looting and desperation in many parts of the country.

The opposition blames the power cuts on two decades of underinvestment and corruption by the socialist government.

Opposition leader Juan Guaidó has been locked in a power struggle with the government of President Nicolás Maduro, which is grappling with a severe economic crisis.

Last week, Mr Guaidó's chief of staff was arrested on terrorism charges in another escalation of the political crisis.

What just happened?

Power went down in Caracas around 13:20 (17:20 GMT) on Monday, causing chaos in the city's public transport system as the metro shut down and many thousands of people had to stream home on foot or by bus.

Electricity was restored about four hours later but cut out again at 21:50, Information Minister Jorge Rodríguez was quoted as saying by Efe news agRead More – Source

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