Plunging Debris Creates Hole in Roof of NYC Building

Winds may have been a factor when debris from a construction site plunged onto an adjacent building and damaged the roof on the Upper East Side Wednesday, officials said.

About 60 firefighters responded to the site on 63rd Street near Third Avenue at about 8:30 p.m., the FDNY said. There was damage to two apartments at 200 East 63rd St. when debris fell onto the roof — one on the top floor, and another below that one.

A witness said the debris created a hole through the ceiling of sixth floor and landed on the floor of an apartment on the fifth floor. A tenant was hurt with minor injuries.

Neighbors outside said the heard the impact.

Getty Images

"We heard a loud bang, and heard people yelling in the hallway, and fire alarms and commotion," he said. "We had no idea, and you assume the worst and leave the building."

Then "we saw a hole in the sixth floor."

Officials from the buildings department are investigating whether wind played a role in the accident. The DOB had issued a wind advisory earlier in the day, reminding all builders, contractors, crane operators and property owners to secure their construction sites, building and equipment because of heavy winds.

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