Fiji water lady makes splash as first Golden Globes 2019 meme – CNET

Pour yourself a glass of the first Golden Globes 2019 meme — and maybe the first meme of the year.

The awards hadn't even started yet when people began noticing a common thread in red-carpet photos of stars smiling and posing at Sunday night's show in Beverly Hills, California. A lovely brunette woman in a deep blue gown was holding a tray of Fiji water and standing behind the actors in practically every photo.

Jim Carrey? She was there. Dakota Fanning and Luke Evans? There. Cody Fern and Richard Madden? There she was, in the background, tray in hand, almost always making eye contact with the camera.

Please lord let it be that she just brought her own tray and water bottles and was able to access the red carpet without actually being hired to do promo work

— Cari (@notcawri) January 7, 2019

Fiji Water did not immediately respond to a request for comment. The bottled water has been the official water of the Golden Globe Awards since 2015, Time Magazine reported, but it's fair to say the brand has never made a splash like this.

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