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The iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max have been available since Sept. 21 and we've got plenty of cases in-house already and more on the way. So get started on picking the perfect case that will protect your investment — and be compatible with wireless charging. (Yes, all the cases in the roundup are compatible with wireless charging).

If you're wondering whether older, possibly discounted iPhone X cases will fit the new iPhone XS, the answer is most will, but a few won't. The XS is exactly the same overall dimensions as the X, but the camera bump has some slight differences that can lead to issues with a small number of cases. So long as your X case has a tiny bit of space around the camera bump — many, if not most, do — it should fit an XS.

The XS Max, obviously, is an all-new 6.5-inch size, so you'll need to seek out Max-specific models for that one. Rubbery iPhone Plus cases may fit, but because the Max's camera bump is vertical instead of horizontal, they won't suffice.

If you're looking for the best iPhone XR cases, we have those too.

Editors' note: This gallery will be regularly updated with new cases.

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