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Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill have some fun behind the scenes filming "Star Wars: A New Hope."


It's been exactly two years since actress and author Carrie Fisher died unexpectedly at age 60.

Fans, still deeply affected by her death, took to social media Thursday to remember the Star Wars icon and celebrate her life, movies, books and inspirational quotes using the hashtag #CarrieOnForever. Fisher died Dec. 27, 2016.

Billie Lourd, Fisher's daughter, paid tribute to her mother by posting a video on Instagram. In it, Lourd sings in honor of her mother.

"It has been two years since my Momby's death and I still don't know what the 'right' thing to do on a death anniversary is (I'm sure a lot of you feel the same way about your loved ones)," Lourd captioned the video footage. "So I decided to do something a little vulnerable for me, but something we both loved to do together — sing."

"I hope this encourages anyone feeling a little low or lost to 'keep on moving.' As my Momby once said, 'Take your broken heart and turn it into art' — whatever that art may be for you," Lourd added.

Fisher's close friend and Star Wars co-star Mark Hamill also honored Fisher online.

"There is no 'right' thing to do on a horrible anniversary like this… but I'm finding solace as Billie 'takes her broken heart & turns it into art' — as someone we all loved & will never stop missing once said," Hamill tweeted on Thursday.

Here are some more of our favorite tributes to Fisher on social media.

“Stay afraid, but do it anyway. Whats important is the action. You dont have to wait to be confident. Just do it and eventually, the confidence will follow.” – Carrie Fisher

— Giles Paley-Phillips (@eliistender10) December 27, 2018

She was my idol and an inspiration, shes a woman who gave me hope so many times just by being who she was & never shying away from it or feeling the need to say sorry. Carrie Fisher was so much more & I miss her so very much. I cant believe its been 2 years. ❤ you Space Mom.

— ???? (@nerdy__nurse) December 27, 2018

"You didn't need to meet Carrie Fisher to understand her power. She was just as brilliant and beautiful, tough and wonderful, incisive and funny as you could imagine. What an unfair thing to lose her. How lucky to have been blessed with her at all."

— emily (@lonely_tourist) December 27, 2018

Two years ago today, we sadly lost the truly incredible Carrie Fisher. She will forever remain in our hearts.

Our Princess. Our General. Our Queen ?

— Star Wars Stuff (@starwarstuff) December 27, 2018

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