Kitten Trapped Underneath Car Rescued by NYPD Officers on Brooklyn Highway

What to Know

  • NYPD officers rescued a kitten trapped underneath a car in Brooklyn Tuesday

  • The driver first saw the kitten on the Jackie Robinson Highway but didn't realize it was under the SUV until the driver heard noises

  • Responding NYPD officers used a jack to lift the car and crawled underneath to rescue the kitten, which has been named Chance

A kitten was rescued by NYPD officers Tuesday after a driver realized it was stuck under the car on a busy Brooklyn highway.

The driver saw the kitten running across the Jackie Robinson Parkway just before noon, and stopped to look for it, according to the NYPD. The kitty was nowhere to be found.

Moments later, the driver heard the cat underneath the car. The driver called the police department, and officers responded to the scene.

Nearly a half-dozen uniformed officers got on their stomachs to crawl underneath the white SUV to retrieve the cat, as seen in a photo tweeted by the NYPD's 32nd precinct.

Photo credit: NYPD

Chance was named from one of the rescuing officers as it was saved without any injuries.

Chance the kitten is now safe at a local ASPCA.


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