Wreath Wrath Resolution? Holland Tunnel Decor Results Coming

What to Know

  • The Port Authority plans to release the results of a poll Monday on the placement of decorations on the Holland Tunnel sign

  • The placement of a Christmas tree over the 'N' and a wreath over the 'U' has caused an uproar online

  • The Port Authority is promising to reveal whether it will re-deck the Holland Tunnel

Distraught commuters could learn Monday whether the tyranny of the misplaced wreathes on the Holland Tunnel will come to an end.

The Port Authority planned an afternoon press conference to announce the results of a public poll on the "Great Holland Tunnel Decoration Debate."

In announcing the press conference, the Port Authority said: "Should we re-deck the Holland?"

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The unusual placement of wreaths and Christmas trees on the Holland Tunnel side has caused a furor online and led to a petition to move the decorations.

While the two “O-shaped” wreaths covered the “O” and “U” of Holland Tunnel, the “tree-shaped” wreath was placed over the “N” instead of the “A."

“Youve obviously put the wreath over the O and another wreath over the U cause its kind of O shaped, but with the tree, you didnt give a flying f— because you put the A-shaped tree over the N,” commuter Cory Windelspecht told

Windelspecht started a petition that has amassed over 2,800 signatures.

Even Budweiser has joined in the debate. The company tweeted a picture of its Newark brewery supporting Windelspecht. The picture shows a wreath over the "U" and a tree over the "E" in Budweiser.

We stand with @WhosCory. This is what our Newark Brewery will look like until they #MoveThatTree.

— Budweiser (@budweiserusa) December 12, 2018

The Port Authority's poll offered four options:

  • Leave the decorations as they are
  • Move the tree to hang over the “A” in the word “HOLLAND”
  • Move the tree to hang over the “A” and remove the second wreath thats now over the “U” in the world “TUNNEL”
  • Add a tree to hang over the “A”, but keep and adjust the existing tree to make the decorations symmetrical

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