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The Haier-owned GE Appliances is growing and it's hoping to bring Louisville with it. The company announced a major expansion of its Kentucky-based Appliance park on Monday morning. GE's investing $200 million to expand the park, and will create 400 new jobs in the process.

Specifically, GE Appliances will be expanding its laundry and dishwasher production facilities. The company will build a brand new facility for making dryers while increasing its capacity to manufacturer washers.

In total, GE expects to increase its laundry manufacturing capacity by roughly 20 percent. GE's dishwasher facility is expected to grow even more, as the investment is expected to increase dishwasher production by 35 percent.

The announcements come the same morning as the separate company General Electric (the part not owned by Haier) ousts its CEO after 14 months. GE's expansion will take place this year and next, and comes after a $275 million expansion that included 650 jobs earlier this year.

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