Mark Hamill tries to sell his Star Wars pants at Han Solo prices – CNET

Harrison Ford's Han Solo jacket from The Empire Strikes Back is expected to fetch well over $1 million (£770,000, AU$1.35 million) at auction next month. Mark Hamill of Luke Skywalker fame wants in on that sweet, sweet Star Wars clothing action.

Hamill popped up on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Thursday night just as Kimmel was discussing the upcoming auction. The actor carried a should bag emblazoned with "R2D BAG" in block letters.

"I couldn't help overhearing you talk about how much Han Solo's jacket is going to sell for," Hamill told the host. He went on to make a "special offer" to sell a pair of "Luke Skywalker's capri pants." The rust-colored pants appeared to be brand-new off the shelf.

Hamill estimated the value of the pants at $100,000 ($77,000, AU$135,000) and said he'd accept Paypal or Venmo. But Kimmel wasn't buying it. Hamill tried to pass the capris off as screen-worn from The Empire Strikes Back, offering up photographic proof of Yoda dangling him upside-down while he wore the photoshopped-on pants.

While Hamill failed to successfully hawk his "Luke highwaters," he may still be willing to part with the Chewbacca hairball he brought with him. Just don't try to DM him on Twitter with an offer.

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