Straphangers Trudge Through Subway Rain As Storm Socks NYC

If you thought the nearest subway station would serve as a good respite from Tuesday's heavy rains, think again.

The severe weather sent a torrent of water falling down into several subway stations around the city, turning stairwells into waterfalls and water grates into showers.

At least one brave straphanger even took off her shoes to wade through a couple inches of water that had gathered inside the Brooklyn-bound side of the First Avenue L train station.

@NYGovCuomo@NYCMayor shame on you

— IlyaVaykusZarembsky (@wly_cdgr) July 17, 2018

But the water didn't just cause an inconvenience while waiting for a train: it also caused delays and schedule changes. The 6 train was rerouted over the 4 between 125th Street and 149th Street-Grand Concourse because of flooding. Several other lines also had signal problems Tuesday afternoon, though it's not clear if those were weather-related.

Of course, wet weather inside the mostly subterranian subway system isn't a rare phenomenon — its been spotted during most major storms, mainly thanks to open ventilation grates at the street level.


— CR (@charcrea) July 17, 2018

I meannn I heard the 1 train was the oldest in the park but…

— DaveWilson (@Third_Concept_) July 17, 2018

Update: stuck at QBP on the N train. There is a river forming in the car 8745. Good times

— Paul Rosenberg (@PaulsRandomness) July 17, 2018

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